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2021 Trends: Inspired by nature

2021 Trends

Inspired by the outdoors

Photo credit: Chris Killingsworth Photography

I am so excited to share with you the floral trends that I think we will be seeing all over the Ozarks in the year ahead. This is the first in a 4 part series chock full of inspiring ideas for your wedding. All of the photos and vendors are from right here in Springfield and surrounding areas. And all floral design work featured is ours.


Blooming dogwood and wildflowers

Spring Beauties

Images by Marianna Limon photography, a few by me.

The Ozarks have always been a place that has drawn inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds it, and I think this year couples will find solace and inspiration in the outdoors more than ever. From adventurous elopements in the great outdoors to small backyard weddings beneath trees, the outdoors will inspire the feel of many weddings in 2021. Nature has her own vibe that shines through in each season, from the delicate newness of spring to the bright warmth of fall. But regardless of the season, you choose, here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting flowers for an outdoor-inspired wedding whether it will be held indoors or out.

Look to the season for color inspiration. What will your venue look like during the month of your wedding? Ask to see photos of your venue in the time of year you will be getting married. In spring, are there blooming shrubs in the landscape that will add color? In fall, some trees change to yellows and soft browns and others will be alive with vibrant red. Knowing the colors that will backdrop your ceremony area can help you pull that inspiration into your color palette.

Choose flowers that naturally bloom at the time of year you are getting married. What is better than lilacs and tulips in the spring? Or dahlias and mums in the fall? To bring the feel of the outdoors to your wedding choose flower varieties that are naturally blooming that time of year. By doing this, often your flowers can be sourced from locals growers right in our area.

Look for textures or materials present in the natural setting that inspires you. Dried grasses blowing in the breeze invoke the feeling of the prairie. Ferns and moss bring the feel of the deep woods. Blooming branches in the spring, give a nod to the forest as do berries in the fall. Many wildflowers that bloom in the Ozarks also have domesticated cousins that can be sourced and have the same look as the wildflowers blooming outside from echinacea to daisies and milkweed to Liatris. I can help you find flowers that feel woodsy or wildflower boho or anything in between.


Fall leaves and berries

Fall in the Ozarks

Venue: Images by:

Gambrel Barn Shelby Chante Photography

Island Green golf course Chris Killingsworth

Elephant rocks state park Lundgren Photography

When you combine all the inspiration of your season, from the colors surrounding your venue to the flowers blooming outside, you can create a look and feel that is cohesive with nature. Add a pop of your favorite colors and your personality to the plan and you will create the most beautiful and unique wedding. I love creating mood boards and helping you pull all of your inspiration together. I can't wait to see all the beauty created in 2021 and beyond!

Rebecca Jentes

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