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2021 trends: Neutrals with a pop of color

Pantone chose 2 colors for their color of the year, Ultimate gray and Illuminating (yellow). One is neutral and the other is so bright and cheerful! I think that the concept of using a neutral color palette with a bright pop of color will enter into many color palettes this year. From spring to fall, from boho to traditional. This color concept allows your favorite color to shine by contrasting them with a simple palette.

The first color palette is a direct inspiration from the Pantone colors of the year. I added a boho spin to the colors as I think boho will be a design trend that continues strong through 2021. When looking to add gray to a floral color palette, brunnia berries and foliage with gray undertones like eucalyptus set the tone. Dried grasses and brown Toffee roses added warm neutrals to the palette that the yellows just shine against.

I would love to hear what you think. Did Pantone pick colors that you find inspiring?

Neutrals with a pop of color can truly be used in so many ways. Here I took a traditional soft spring palette and gave it a pop of coral and bright pink. The result is light and airy, feminine and fun! Here neutrals are found in whites and creams and soft eucalyptus shades as well as a hint of soft dried materials. What makes this color palette come together is the blushes and soft pinks that create a bridge from the whites to the bright pops of pink. Looking for visual bridges in one of my favorite parts of a color palette to plan!

There are so many neutrals that you can find the perfect vibe for any wedding. Don't forget black and white when considering neutrals! These contrasting neutrals can look modern and fashion forward. Paired with purple they are anything but boring.Creating floral mood boards for your wedding is one of my favorite things. I love finding the right balance and shades to bring just the right look and vibe to your wedding.

Happy wedding planning!!


Photo Credits: Ellis & Co photography, middle: Kellie Michelle photography

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