• Rebecca Jentes

Bridal Bouquets Made Just for You

From petite posies to lush cascades, the possibilities are endless

We Truly Listen

Your wedding is unique, just like you! We help you create a bouquet that relects you and your style. And we take in mind lots of the details that you obsessed about to create a unique bouquet for you! Here are some of the things we take in mind:

  • The overall style and feel of your wedding

  • Wedding dress silhouette and body shape

  • textures and shapes of flowers

  • Seasonal choices

  • Color palettes

  • flowers that having meaning to you

Flowers that have meaning to you

The result will be Pinterest-worthy bouquet that is more "you" than anything that has been created before. And no worries if you don't know the names of many flowers. You don't have to be a floral expert, that is what I am here for. So feel free to email

or text me all of your floral questions. Happy wedding planning! Rebecca Jentes

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