• Rebecca Jentes

Handmade Touches From Small Artisans

I love the unique quality of hand-dyed silk in which every batch is a bit different. Or the rustic beauty of hand-thrown pottery with flowers spilling out. Working the soil and growing flowers has given me a deep appreciation for the hard work and beauty that local artisans bring to their work. Local arts are the perfect element to complement locally grown flowers. Full of unique beauty and crafted with joy, they come from the same heart as my florals.

The ribbon cascading romantically from the bouquet was made in small batches on Karen's farm. She grows the botanicals she uses for dyes and has the most charming garden bursting with veggies, flowers, and herbs. It is a favorite spot of mine to visit on trips to Ohio. Whenever I tie a bridal bouquet with her silk ribbon, I can almost feel the joy of her garden happily entwined with the flowers from mine.

Locally thrown pottery is such a natural place to display garden blossoms. I think of the tiny seeds so carefully placed in Missouri's clay soil, bursting into joyful bloom and being artfully displayed in clay. And by choosing a pottery piece for your head table you can enjoy the pottery long after the flowers have faded. Your pottery piece can be refilled with flowers from your garden or local blooms to celebrate your anniversary and all the other joyful moments of your forever love story. I can help you source locally thrown pottery made especially for you in your wedding colors.

There are so many talented small artisans and perhaps you even have a family member or friend that would love to add a special touch to your wedding day. I am always open to working these unique elements into your floral decor. Hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-thrown, whatever art speaks to your heart I'll help you find a way to highlight it in your wedding florals.


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