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About Us

We specialize in unique and organic designs inspired by our cutting garden and reflecting the nature of the surrounding Ozarks.


Our Family loves nature and we often spend our time hiking and working in our garden. Our flowers can be found in our designs throughout the growing season. My husband, a remodeler by trade, can build the mechanics for any flower installation I dream up. My oldest daughter, Safire, loves the creative process behind the scenes, creating digital mockups and mood boards.  Milo is always helping in the garden and lending a hand carrying flowers for setups. My youngest two, Nathan and Josiah, love digging in the garden and watching us work from the shade of their sandbox. It is truly a joy for our entire family to bring unique and meaningful flowers to you.

Our Family

Florals have always been my passion! Out of high school, I went to a small floral design school, Hickson's School of Floral Design. After that, I worked in floral shops gaining experience, I took a break after having my eldest. When we moved to Missouri in 2017, I found the opportunity to launch my own business. I have now spent the past 6 years specializing in weddings and events and have recently opened a small self-serve floral shop in Rogersville, MO.  I love designs that are free-flowing and filled with unique blooms. 

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Meet Rebecca

"Some of my earliest childhood memories are of picking wildflowers and weeds to decorate our table. Both of my grandmothers gardened and knew the best places to find wildflowers in the forest."

Our Vision

Our Team

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